Private Care

Private Care

Receive the best of care services on low costs, and customised to your needs by opting for the fee-paying, no assessment alternative we offer.

The difference between standard in-home care and private care is that whereas standard care is paid for by the government and requires assessment and a subsidy, personal care is self-financed and therefore, requires no government assessment. Private is available for both in-home, individual care and community care.

The Benefits Of Private Care:

For starters, the process of receiving the care speeds up considerably. You don’t have to wait for ACAT assessment or anything – you contact us directly and pick a suitable care package. Private care is particularly beneficial when waiting for government funding for home care. It is also available for everyone – whether or not you have been labelled as eligible for subsidised care by the government or not. All senior citizens are eligible for our assistance and care. Or if you require more help around the house than provided for by the government subsidies.

Private in-home support

Each member of our team of care-givers are well-trained and skilled in a vast number of tasks and services. Since we’ve been in similar shoes to our clients before, it’s imperative to us that our employees are honest, steadfast, and versatile.

The standard requirement for caregivers is versatility, and the ability to undertake a large variety of responsibilities. We intend is to specifically to cater that demand, as can be witnessed by the sheer number of services we proffer, including:

  • Medical attention and aid
  • Medicine regulation
  • Meal planning and prep
  • Self-care tasks, e.g. grooming and dressing
  • Light housekeeping
  • Emotional support
  • Psychological care

    We also put a particular focus on maintaining a wholesome relationship with the clients. When we say emotional support, we mean that the caregivers will be able to give psychological support.
    Old age isn't just tiring on the body; we tend to feel double the exhausted all over. It is vital to have someone around whom you can talk to and lean on – something our caregivers strive to do.

    We do private care for short-term and long-term cases – even round the clock care for those who need it.