In Home Care

In Home Care

An alternative for community care, you can receive highly-personalised, professional quality aged care services in Brisbane – in your own home! Especially suited for elders who can live independently with a little help.

The senior centre is not the only solution for those who need some help to get by on a day-to-day basis. In particular, people in their late 60s and early 70s may need a little help around the house, or with medical care, or maybe to remember details, yet otherwise manage fine on their own. We offer services for such people who wish to stay at home. Our caregivers cover a wide range of duties, and they can improve your life-quality significantly, treating you and your family with respect and dignity.

Aged Care Services

As we said before, our professionals can carry out a wide range of responsibilities.

You see, in-home aged care demands people who are multi-talented and all-rounded. Keeping this in mind, we train each member on our team to have the agility and skill to take whatever task comes their way in stride and execute it without any problem. For example, all staff members are trained in both first aid and yoga techniques.

Our list of services includes:
  • Health Care: our clients are very near and dear to us, so we do our best to help them live the healthiest lives they possibly can. Trained in medical care themselves, our staff can improve communication between doctors and clients, ensuring the best health care
  • Extra help: help with meal planning and preparation, cooking, laundry, housework like cleaning and dusting, and running errands, such as grocery shopping or paying bills.
  • Self-care: While staying respectful of the client's privacy and retaining their dignity and independence, our staff aid and abet in grooming, dressing, showering and shaving, toileting, and hair care
  • Nursing care: even though all of our staff is trained in first aid, we also employ credited nurses to cater to clients who require professional medical attention. From medication management, and wound care to palliative care, dementia care, and chronic disease management – our nurses are qualified to take care of all.
  • Emotional support: emotional help and support are integral to healthy lifestyles. Adjusting to change or loss can be hard to deal with on one’s own. We also believe emotional support for patients of illnesses such as dementia – for the patient and their families.
  • Transport: mobility is a cornerstone of independence, and we help seniors retain that perk of life. Wherever it is, whenever it is, our professionals can assist them. Be it a visit to a friend’s house, an appointment at the doctor’s, a bank appointment, or a picnic outing, our team will be there!
  • Customized care services

    We understand that some requirements are universal, while some may be unique. We do our best to cater to all, and based on customer requirements, assigned team members will learn specific skills for exceptional cases.

    Furthermore, our staff is as diverse as the clientele. It was a deliberate choice to ensure we have as many types of people as possible. Our clients thrive their best with those they can get comfortable with, and we make sure they are satisfied with their assigned care-providers.