24 Hour Care

24-Hour Care

Receive security,companionship, and care by hiring the best professionals for the job.

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From dawn to dusk, you can rest assured that you have a trusted caregiver nearby to help you with daily duties, your medical needs, your chores, and provide you security and companionship.

24-Hour Care Services

We offer two types of round-the-clock services. The first is regular full-time care, that covers health care, self-care, home maintenance, chores, and companionship. It’s the one you’d get for those who don’t require nurse care, but do need someone around at all times.

Our Services Include:
  • Day-to-day tasks: such as chores, cooking, laundry, grocery, various errands, and medication reminders, among others.
  • Home maintenance: such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning and tidying up, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen and vacuuming.
  • Technology: many a time, people old enough to require 24-hour care may have trouble with technology and gadgets for various reasons. Our professionals can guide them to correctly use devices such as phones and tablets to accomplish their aim.
  • Companionship: we provide emotional support and accompany our clients to various outings and social gatherings. We also make sure they continue to engage in exciting behaviour.
  • Self-care: daily tasks for one’s self, our caregivers can guide and assist the clients in grooming, dressing, showering, toileting, and hair care. We put great emphasis on a client’s privacy and respect.
  • Specialized Care services

    The second type of full-time service is also called special 24-hour services. Along with services such as self-care and companionship, we also provide professional medical care from qualified nurses. Primarily meant clients requiring assistance recovering from or preventing an injury or illness, or maybe those afflicted with conditions such as dementia or a disability. It also includes palliative care.

    Services also include medication management, catheter or feeding tube management, and continence aid and advice among a list of others.